Ludum Dare

If you haven’t heard of Ludum Dare, you need to get yourself over there ASAP and check it out. It is a 48- or 72- hour game development competition where the goal is to write an entire game just about from scratch within the time period. Please, go check it out (and keep an eye out for me while you’re at it)!

Anyway, the competition is awesome and I’ve participated a few times. I haven’t successfully produced anything yet, but the next one takes place from December 16th to December 19th and I’ve already been planning my course of attack.

My Ludum Dare history:

  • Mini LD 23 (January 2011): First time attempting any type of LD. Attempted to make something; somewhat predictably failed to do so (we have very little game dev experience). Still took away an awesome experience.
  • Mini LD 24 (February 2011): Second Mini LD, first solo Mini LD. I got to pick my own rules that I changed closer to the deadline and STILL didn’t make anything in time. It was still fun and the idea I came up with was intriguing enough to consider for future use.
  • (nothing for a while, until…)
  • Ludum Dare 22 (December 2011): First Ludum Dare, first solo Ludum Dare. Here is where I announced my intent to participate, this is a download link where you can try the game (Windows only with .NET 4.0), and my thoughts about the whole thing can be found here. This was the first time I actually managed to make a game that wasn’t for a school project! The game clearly sucks, but it still represents a milestone in my game development.

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